treatment options

Basically since the whiteness and brightness of the teeth begin to lose owing to the person’s getting older, the tooth whitening process is handled in aesthetic dentistry.

The color of the teeth can be changed because of coloring agents such as coffee, tea and tobacco. This is an external coloration and it can be resolved after professional cleaning.

The coloration emerging with genetic structure penetrated into the tooth, taking wrong medication or aging can only be resolved by tooth whitening.

Office Bleaching

The gum carefully covered with protective material. Whitening gel is applied on the teeth.

Selected gel functions with chemical reaction according to its type or an external source of energy is added to the medium in order to accelerate the reaction.

After about 1.5-hours procedure, the patient leaves the treatment with 4-5 tones-lightened of teeth. Besides the applied methods, the patient's genetic code of tooth determines the emerging color.

Home Bleaching

Patient-specific covers are prepared. The patient applies the medication given by the physician in these covers by himself. After the examination of the patient, the patient continues treatment with the proposed time of periods without a break for 5-7 days according to the type of gel is given to him.

According to a joint decision of the patient and the physician, the course of treatment is decided.