treatment options

The use of microscope in dentistry has begun to acquire an area of its own after brain surgery and eye surgery. It is an auxiliary method which can be used with almost all branches of dentistry. It is important at the treatment decision-making process by the virtue of the detailed and clear vision provided through the treatment.

Sitting in a stable and comfortable position and not to change position more are recommended to the patients in the sessions made with microscope. These sessions take a little longer than the sessions made with “Loupe” (magnifying glasses).

Microsurgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery)

The principle of not doing any harm to surrounding tissues while treating is important in medicine. It is aimed to improve the quality of the procedures with the use of microscope in surgical procedures and with the goal of giving the least damage to surrounding tissue with minimum trauma. It is possible to see in a better way the surrounding boundaries of the tissue that you want to remove and to intervene it with the aid of microscope.

Microsurgery improves tissue healing and allows the patient to be more comfortable postoperatively. According to the traditional techniques there are less postoperative pain and edema at any time.

Wound healing shows more aesthetic results after the operation. By the virtue of specially designed instruments and materials which are accompanying the micro surgery, scar on the tissue after operation is uncertain almost non-existent. Aesthetic advantage gains importance especially in the operations which will be carried out on the front teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Microscope is helping to raise a higher standard in aesthetic dentistry by strengthening the seeing of a healthy individual and moving the details further.

It may be able to find the solution in details in prosthetic intolerances. A major contribution to the aesthetic integrity is provided by providing an ideal harmony in details.

Restorative Dentistry

The use of a microscope takes its place again as a partner of solution in root canal operations, composite fillings and in the other branches of restorative dentistry.