treatment options

Fissure Sealant Application

It is an application applied in children and young adults patients. It is a protective method in order to serve teeth healthfully for many years without causing problems. It can be applied to milk and permanent teeth.

A thin protective material named as fissure sealant applied after the chewing surfaces of teeth cleaned and freed from bacteria. In this way, bacteria entrance to the cleaned, deep surface of teeth entrance is blocked.

Oral Care and Selection of Appropriate Brush

Oral care habits should be presented to the child with play and mimic at a very early age. In the following years, it should be targeted to become a form of behavior. In order to achieve this, meeting the child with a professional dentist without waiting to encounter any problem and to start awareness related to tooth would be appropriate.

After examination of your child, proper brush recommendation will be made and brushing format will be described on the model in an understandably way.

Eruption Tracing of Deciduous / Permanent Teeth

Eruption times of teeth are checked whether there is any delay or not.

Deciduous / Permanent Teeth Restoration

The decay on the milk and permanent teeth will be restored with filling.